Nutrition Facts and Cholesterol in Sea Urchin & Uni

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Is uni high in cholesterol?

It’s one of the first questions regarding sea urchin and the uni inside.  It’s GREAT that people want to know the nutritional value of their food.  Sea urchin, roe, shellfish and animal products, in general, have a reputation for their cholesterol levels.  So there is an understandable curiosity.

It’s an important question, and it has a simple answer: yes.

There is a much more relevant question: does the cholesterol in sea urchin and uni contribute to heart disease?

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What does sea urchin (uni) taste like?

Easiest answer: a salty buttery ocean custard

Best answer: like kissing a mermaid (mer-person)

Full answer: the first sensation is the smell of fresh ocean mist rolling in off of morning waves.  The texture of uni is the second sensation.  It’s cold, slick, and slimy when it first hits the tongue, but cold and fresh uni holds its volume like a wobbly custard.  Once warmed or ruptured, the uni spills out in a creamy pudding, the consistency of an egg yolk.  It fills the mouth with sweet and creamy, salty and rich, nutty and mellow flavors.   It dissolves to liquid quickly and disappears.